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An Introduction To No Credit Check Loans

A letter of credit may be a clean credit or a documentary credit. A documentary credit requires the documents of title to goods and other documents to accompany the bill drawn under the credit. No such documents are necessary for a clean letter of credit. A no credit check loan is a way for people with bad or no credit to borrow money if necessary.

Under a clean letter of credit, the documents of title to goods are sent by the financial institutions to the creditor. Only the bill of exchange drawn on the creditor is offered to the bank for purchase. Neither the financial institutions nor the bank retain control over the goods covered by the transaction. For the bank it remains an unsecured advance. For this reason, a clean letter of credit is normally not found in commercial transaction. They are used for the transfer of funds between banks. In exceptional cases they may be accepted from first-class customers.

Financial institutions and banks offering no credit check loans require a stable job or regular recurring income, or earnings of $1,000 per month. Some banks/financial institutions also require an active checking account to receive no credit check loans. This process is very easy and does not require much effort, provided you are working and earning $1000 per month. Once your application is accepted, it usually takes a single business day for the loan to get deposited directly into your account.

However, nothing is absolutely guaranteed, even with no credit check loans.

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