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A payday loan is a short-term cash advance where cash is provided against a prearranged line of credit. They help people take care of any urgent expenses until their payday. With payday loans becoming very popular, most lenders receive thousands of applications every day. To cope with this large volume of applications, many lenders offer an online payday loan service.

Online payday loans have simplified the process for borrowers as well. An applicant has to fill in an online application form. It is important that all the questions on the form are answered to ensure that the loan request is not declined. The prerequisites for securing an online payday loan are that applicants must have been on their current job for at least 3 consecutive months, have a salary of a minimum of $800.00 per month after taxes and a valid checking account that has been for at least 3 months.

Unlike traditional lenders, online payday loans lenders do not request credit bureau reports. The larger online payday loans lenders and the banks that partner with them use consumer information services. These services do not check the credit history; they simply verify an applicant’s banking history information. Certain online payday lenders require the applicant’s current bank statements and paycheck stubs. An important factor that these lenders check is the number of NSFs (non sufficient fund) charges, an applicant has incurred in the 30 days prior to the application date. The number of current outstanding online payday loans is also taken into consideration.

After the review process is completed and the applicant meets the loan approval requirements, a notification is sent through email. The payday lender determines the amount of the payday loan. Most online payday loans lenders electronically deposit the loan amount in the applicant’s checking account overnight, depending on the time of day the loan application was received and approved. Thus, an online payday loan makes it possible for the entire process, from application to disbursement of the loan amount, to be conducted expediently over the Internet.

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